Sunday, March 25, 2007

Resurrection of the Heart

I cannot prove to you that God exists, but my work has proved empirically that the pattern of God exists in every man and that this pattern in the individual has at its disposal the greatest transforming energies of which life is capable. Find this pattern in your own individual self and life is transformed.
..........................................................................CG Jung

This blog has been writing itself for the last forty days. I did not know what I would write from one day to the next, yet somehow the ideas and the words found themselves. This will be the last entry for a while.

On the anniversary of the heart attack last November, I asked my brother and sister-in-law to go do to dinner with me. My sister-in-law was adamant that she would not go to dinner to celebrate a heart attack. Instead, we went to dinner and celebrated what we called the Resurrection of the Heart. By some strange paradox, the wounding my heart has opened me up to the World.

When I began the first blog, I had no idea where it would lead, other than I slowly wanted to work through the drawings I had done after the heart attack. The drawings were done as a means of emotional relief; I had no idea at the time that they were also portraying an ancient underlying alchemical process of transformation. I have been amazed by the journey.

Before the heart attack, before the drawings, I was skeptical about people’s experience of God, and believed the World was only what we could perceive and describe in scientific terms.

Now, I know there is some mysterious, irrational presence in the Universe that influences us from a dimension that we do not have a direct perception of. Call it what you may: It is the Twilight Zone, the Spirit World, the Collective Unconscious, the Tao, the Un-Nameable.

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