Thursday, March 8, 2007

Red Sea

Alchemists used the image of the Red Sea….
The Red Sea is the totality of the psyche, the agent of solutio that the ego must encounter on the way to individuation.

Edward Edinger, Anatomy of the Psyche


I started feeling waves of sadness and grief when my wife had to leave Fairbanks for several days. The weather in Fairbanks in early January was well below zero, and it was still dark most of the time. It felt like Hell had frozen over.

When I started drawing, I started crying. I convinced myself that all was lost, that I had lost my health, my vitality, my future. It felt as if the waves of tears would never end.

When I made this drawing (and the others), I knew very little about the depths of alchemy; it seemed to me to be an obscure and confusing part of Jungian psychology.

I was drawing what wanted to be drawn, and assumed that the drawing was just a form of emotional release. Now, in reviewing these drawings more than a year later, I am amazed at the parallels between the drawings and the process of alchemical transformation.

Perhaps there is something to the Spirit World after all.


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