Tuesday, February 27, 2007


A three year old could have done the last drawing, and that is about the age I was.
The heartbeat is the basic wave of the body; I certainly have been constantly concerned about whether it will keep going.

When I had the energy to work on the computer, I searched far and wide for help, both for information about what to do about preventing another heart attack and for people who could help me.

One kind person who responded immediately to my e-mails was Mala Cunningham, a cardiac psychologist working at the University of Virginia. Besides making sure I was breathing right to reduce my anxiety, she was adamant that I needed to find some kind of spiritual path to connect with.

Organized religion has never connected with me. As I child, I used to hide my good shoes on Sundays to try to avoid going to church. ("How can they make you go to church in bare feet?",
the child was thinking.) In my view now, going to church barefoot might just be the simple, humble thing to do.

I have been attracted to those religions that believe that each person is capable of having a direct and personal experience of God. This is the Gnostic approach in Christianity, the Inner Light in the Quaker religion, the Atman as an animating force in Hinduism.

In Jungian psychology, the religious experience is the equivalent of the Self, the transcendent organizing principle of the human psyche.

The imminent possibility of death was precipitating a spiritual crisis.



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